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Formalwear - Tips from Paul

Tuxedo rental Tips: 
One of the most daunting tasks of a man’s life can be choosing the perfect tuxedo for that special occasion, while many may try to go it alone, most are happiest when they get a little help from the experts.

Working with a dedicated formalwear specialist such as myself means you will be up to date on the latest styles and I can offer assistance with fitting and accessories. 

Choose your look: 
Suave, sophisticated or traditional? Your tuxedo is a reflection of your personality , so put as much thought into your choice as your date does into hers. Fashion magazines can help you choose the style you want, but however you make your decision, remember it’s your time to shine too!

Dare to be different and accessorize:
Tuxedos and suits can be dressed up with creative use of accessories, such as a colourful print vest or fancifully patterned bow tie and cummerbund. Even an inexpensive pocket square can go a long way toward helping you express your individuality - break the rules, all bar one: patent leather formal shoes are essential. Rent a pair if you don’t own them.

Coordinate with your date: 
It’s important not to colour clash with your date, so be sure to find out what she’ll be wearing and plan to complement her ensemble whilst defining your own style.

Check yourself out:
Before you get in the car, look in the mirror to make sure that all the details are working for you. Straighten that tie, smooth that collar and enjoy.